Innovative training

Why quantum science and nanomaterials?

The continuing miniaturization and integration of technology requires a better understanding and control of the quantum nature of matter that becomes dominant at the (sub) nm scale. QMat prepares the next generation of scientists and engineers to shape the future of quantum and nanotechnology, by putting them at the forefront of international research combined with an engaging training programme bridging physics, material science, chemistry and engineering.

Educational approach

  • Learn from world leading experts in fundamental and applied science

  • Training by research : integrating coursework with individual research projects.

  • International and industrial internship opportunities

  • Access to the PhD programme for successful MSc students



Completion of the QMat training programme is acknowledged by a Master degree in Physics from the University of Strasbourg with the QMat label - a trademark for post-graduate-level education of excellence in nanoscience for quantum technology.

QMat community

Each year, QMat selects around 30 Master students and 15 doctoral students to take part in the programme with financial support for selected students. The QMat Young Investigator Group provides networking opportunities and the means for students to create their own training initiatives.

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