Discover QMat

The QMat "Initiative of Excellence" and « Institut Thématique Interdisciplinaire » of the University of Strasbourg responds to a global emerging need for cutting-edge research and education across the domains of quantum science and nanotechnology.

QMat is built on a series of initiatives of Excellence in Strasbourg, involving :

  • 1 Ecole Universitaire de Recherche (University Research School) « QMat » Supporting Master and doctoral students since 2018.
  • a community of expert PIs spanning 6 multidisciplinary research Institutes,
  • 3 Equipments of Excellence in nanoscale photonics (UNION), time-resolved electron microscopy (UTEM), and quantum computing (aQCess),
  • the Faculty of Physics and Engineering and 2 Engineering schools,
  • The Foundation Jean-Marie Lehn
  • Partnership with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Institute of Quantum Materials and technology, sister institute to the recently created European Center for Quantum Sciences in Strasbourg, illustrating this thematic priority in EUCOR-the European Campus,
  • Partnership with three startup companies in thematic synergy with our scientific and education plans.

ITI QMat represents an active community of several hundred permanent researchers, teachers, engineers and students, working at the interfaces of physics, chemistry, materials, engineering and life-sciences.