International and industry internships

QMat encourages students to take advantage of our international network, but choosing internship projects at our partner institutes abroad and with relevant industry partners. A list of QMat partners can be found at

QMat partner institutes are eager to participate in joint projects with partners from Strasbourg, host students for short term research projects (2-3 months in M1) and longer master internship projects (6 months M2) or secondement for PhD students. In addition to an external supervisor from the hosting institution, you will require a local supervisor to help monitor your project.

If you wish to apply for financial support to support a research stay abroad or in industry, you should:

Master internships in Strasbourg by local students must be supported by the local laboratories.

Travel grants

To submit a travel application request to attend a conference, workshop or other specialized training event:

  • Complete this form at least 1 month before for EU travel, 2 months before for non-EU travel of the beginning of your project.
  • Send it to contact and the QMat project manager.

Other type of project

To submit another type of project (event, meeting, etc.):

QMat PhD students are eligible for financial support for inviting guest scientists for their doctoral defense, up to a maximum amount of 1000€, as long as it is accompanied by a symposium or workshop of broad interest to the QMat community