QMat PhDs

New to your PhD?

To apply to the QMat programme as an existing PhD student enrolled in Strasbourg: Please submit an email to qmat-selection@unistra.fr,  at any time with the following details:

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Application is required even for PhD students who were M2 QMat students.

QMat Master students

Q-Master scholarships

Each year we offer typically 20 Q-Masters scholarships, for students entering at the M1 (first year master) and M2 (second year master) levels. Selection and awarding of Q-Master scholarships is primarily based on academic performance and motivation to study in Strasbourg. The Q-Master scholarship covers a 10 month period in M1 (September-June) and a 6 month period in M2 (September-February), with an additional 4-6 months of salary supported by the hosting laboratories.

Applications open in February (for non-EU students) and May (for EU and local students) each year.


  • Bachelor of Science in Physics or equivalent;
  • Proof of English and/or French proficiency;
  • Motivation to pursue a Masters and/or PhD in Strasbourg.

You will need to submit (via qmat.unistra.fr/apply/)

  • a CV outlining your academic track and achievements;
  • a motivation letter addressing
  • your research interests
  • why are you an excellent candidate for QMat
  • what special skills/qualities can you contribute to the programmes success
  • a vision for your individual training (e.g. desired specialization, courses, advisors, etc.)
  • if you are already a QMat student applying for a second year, describe how you have benefited from being part of QMat
  • A full transcript of results from your home university
  • Reference letters (strongly recommended)

International (non-EU) students from one of the 42 countries are concerned by the Studying in France procedure, must additionally submit an application via the Campus France portal before the deadline (around mid February each year).

After acceptance to the QMat programme, non-EU students must immediately contact their local embassy to apply for a study visa in time to start their studies in September of the same year (typically takes 3-4 months).

Aproximate timeline