Here, some M2 students of the 2021-2022 QMat cohort introduce themselves



I am a M2 student in the “Materials and Nanoscience” degree. After obtaining my licence degree in physics and chemistry at the University of Strasbourg, I joined QMat in September 2020 to follow and support me in my academic career. My goals are to become a researcher or engineer in the field of nano- and functional materials. During last year’s internship, I’ve found a strong interest in transmission electron microscopy, which is a powerful characterization technique for various materials.



I am a 3rd year engineering student at the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials science, specialty : Functional Materials and Nanosciences, and in parallel an M2 student at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering at the University of Strasbourg. I always had an attraction towards the world of research, especially the field of energy. I am mostly interested in the design and elaboration of oxide thin films that are used either for spintronics, solar cells or the electronic devices that are based on semiconductors. I am delighted to join the QMat community and I hope it will guide me to have a clear vision about my future plans.


I am currently a M2 student in the Condensed Matter and Nanophysics master degree, that I joined after a M1 (MdPF) in Strasbourg and a BCs degree in Lille. I am mostly interested in the theory of out of equilibrium processes and the application of these concepts in statistical and quantum systems.
I plan to pursue my degree by doing a PhD, with the aim of doing academic research in this field.

Britton HOFER

I am a 3rd year student at Télécom Physique Strasbourg as well as a Condensed Matter M2 student. I joined QMat this year because I am very interesting in quantum technologies and I would like do my PhD and work in this field later on. I believe that as a member of QMat, I will learn a lot about this subject matter, all while discovering new topics of interest for me.



I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Physics in the Faculty of Physics and Engineering of Strasbourg. Now, I am a M2 student in the Subatomic Physics and Astroparticle master degree. I am mostly interested in particle physics research, and I intend to pursue a PhD in this field. 

Benjamin BIRIG


I am an M2 MCN student and I have made my training at Strasbourg with the Magistere of Fundamental Physics since my last year of Bachelor. I have an initial strong interest into Quantum Field Theory and Advanced Statistical Physics topics as phase transitions.

In parallel I aim to work in Climate Physics. Therefore I want to develop some skills in quantum computation in order to see whether it could be useful to make simulations even for simplified problems. 


I am currently a master student in the Subatomic Physics and Astroparticle (M2-PSA) program in the Faculty of Physics and Engineering of the University of Strasbourg, as part of the QMat master program. I hold a BSc degree in Physics with a specialization in High Energy Particle Physics, which I obtained after completing my studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in Greece. I am mostly interested in particle physics research and, more specifically, in physics research ‘beyond the Standard Model’ and I aim to obtain a PhD grant about this topic next year.


Moving from Beirut to Strasbourg in 2019 to join the Materials and Nano-sciences program at the “Ecole Européenne de Chimie, Polymères et Matériaux ECPM”, I’ve recently integrated the same Master 2 program at the “Faculty of Physics and engineering” of the University of Strasbourg, in association with my Chemical Engineering degree at ECPM. Passionate about materials in physical chemistry and highly interested in research about  nano-sciences, biomaterials and Quantum physics, I am delighted to join QMat program that aligns with my desire to pursue a PHD in one of these fields.

María José Vázquez Bernárdez


Spanish student who moved to Strasbourg in 2019 in search of Material’s Science latest challenges. Motivated by Quantum Science and Materials, I am know looking to join both interests by finding a project that helps to shape my future research career. I am currently studying a specialization in Functional Materials and Nanoscience as part of a Double International Diploma in Chemistry and Engineering Chemistry at the ECPM Strasbourg and University of Seville. I recently joined the Master 2 programme on the field at ‘Faculty of Physics and Engineering of Strasbourg’ and the master studies on ‘Materials Science and Technology’ at the University of Seville. As part of an EFEQT student I am highly motivated by emerging Quantum Technologies and Material Modelling, especially materials for electronic devices and magnetic materials for aerospace applications. Fond of research, I would love to find a PhD that suits my interests.

Quentin Basto


I am currently studying general engineering at Télécom-Physique Strasbourg and I am also preparing a Master 2 in Astrophysics at the Astronomical Observatory of Strasbourg. I joined QMat because I want to study astrophysics while focusing on quantum phenomena, which turn out to be essential to the understanding of the evolution of our universe, its composition and its structure. This program is therefore an opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge in these fields, both from a theoretical and experimental point of view.

Idriss LARBI


I am a general engineering student at Telecom Physique Strasbourg in my 3rd year and also a Master 2 student in “Subatomic physics and astro-particles” degree. After following a preparatory class in Mathematics and General Physics for 2 years, I could follow an engineering training and I started to specialise myself in applied engineering in physics. It is why, being member of QMat community makes sense for me. First, to share my knowledge and learn with other student from other backgrounds and also, because I would like to continue my studies with a PhD in particle physics field.



I am currently a 3rd year student at the Telecom Physique Strasbourg engineering school and a M2 student in the astrophysics degree at the University of Strasbourg. I joined the QMat program this year in order to be a part of this great community which can help me in my present and future studies by allowing me to discover new fields of interest and opportunities. I intend to pursue a PhD in the field of cosmology and then become a lecturer at the university.



I am currently studying engineering at Télécom-Physique Strasbourg as well as a Master2 in Subatomic Physics and Astroparticules.I have joined QMat to do something that I couldn’t really do before, share knowledge and learn from people from different backgrounds.QMat is also the opportunity for me to pursue my goal of finding a new Physics to describe our universe.

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Pauline GUYOT


I am currently a third-year engineering student at Télécom-Physique Strasbourg in a generalist program with a specialization in “Physics and Modelling”. In parallel, I am a Master 2 student in Radiation Physics, Imaging, Detectors, and Instrumentation (PRIDI). Being highly interested in radiation physics and its applications in the medical field, I am also curious about quantum physics and the use of nanotechnologies. I wanted to join QMat in order to deepen my knowledge of physics and discover new fields of interest thanks to its community.

Antoine TARTAR


Currently M2 student in the Condensed Matter Master (M2 MCN), and in Magistère, it is my third year at the Strasbourg University, after being graduated at Lille University.
My interests are Quantum Physics and Stochasticity, and I hope to pursue in the field of analysis and modelisation through a PhD.

Jonathan COLLIN 


I’m a third year student at the engineering school Télécom Physique Strasbourg. And am also attending a master 2 in subatomic physics and astroparticles in order to continue in a PhD. I joined QMat because of my interest in particle physics and to be part of its great community, which will allow me to interact and broaden my horizon with my newfound fellows.

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Abhishek RAI 


After completing my master’s in Physics from BIT Mesra  (India) , I was looking forward to join a  experimental group . This was the reason I applied for Q mat  Fellowship  and got selected .

Currently I am doing my M 2 course at Télécom Physique Strasbourg(TPS) in  Photonics and Nano -Science. My area of interest is Light – matter interaction and Metamaterials , so by the end of this course I will look forward to join a group in the same field for a PhD position.