Here, some M1 students of the 2021-2022 QMat cohort introduce themselves

Abdallah EZZAT

I have done my bachelors in Physics at Sohag University in Egypt. I then attended a one-year MSc program at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Ghana.
Before joining the QMat M1 program, I spent five months at CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics), working on FASER experiment, designed to search for new light and weakly interacting elementary particles. I aim to enter the M2 Subatomic Physics program next year.


Currently first-year master student in Physics with a reinforcement by the Magistere de Physique Fondamentale (MdPF) at the University of Strasbourg. I am mainly interested in out-of-equilibrium processes, topological phase of matter and quantum information.
I am looking to join the M2 Condensed Matter and Nanophysics next year.

Samith Sandaruwan KURUPPU

Firstly, I should add credit for my first university that is the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lana, where I completed my B.Sc.(Honours) degree in Mathematical Physics.
Currently, I am a M1 student at the faculty of Physics and Engineering, Strasbourg University. And I’m curious in learning Nuclear and Particle Physics.
So I hope to select that path next year.


I’ve got my Bachelors Degree in faculty of science, University of Kelaniya. Currently I’m a master Student in Physics at the University of Strasbourg. I aim to enter the M2 Condensed matter and Nanophysics program next year.

Quentin FENOY

I am currently in M1 Physics, as well as in second year of Magistère de Physique Fondamentale (MdPF). Before coming to the University of Strasbourg last year, in order to join the MdPF , I was in Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles MPSI and then MP*. I am very interested in quantum mechanics in general, going from quantum technologies and devices, to much more theoretical fields, like particles physics and search for a beyond the standard model physics. I’m awaiting for the internships of second semester to give me a greater overview of these fields to choose my M2 speciality (between the Condensed Matter and Nanophysics (MCN) master and the Subatomic Physics and Astroparticles (PSA) one).


I finished my licentiate degree in Physics at Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela), Now I have this great opportunity of being at UNISTRA and QMat during my M1 studies. I am mainly interested in research areas like Quantum Information Processing, Open Quantum Systems, and Quantum Foundations. Also, on their link to Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics. I want to explore these and other topics in Physics during this year to identify the best path for me to follow, but the M2 in Condensed Matter and Nanophysics seems like the way to go.

Corentin SANTOS

I am a M1 student with a reinforcement by the Magistère of Fundamental Physics (MdPF). I have studied mathematics and physics in preparatory classes before joining the faculty of Physics & Engineering. My interests lie in Quantum Field Theory and Supersymmetry, and for this reason one of my aim is the M2-PSA next year, before starting a PhD.

Quentin STEIN

I am currently a M1 student in Physics at the university of Strasbourg. I am mostly interested in quantum physics, as well as nuclear and particle physics. For the moment, I am preparing the selective teacher recruitment «agrégation de physique-chimie, option physique », however, I am also interested in pursuing my academic career in research. Thus, I chose to join QMat in order to keep a strong link with the research world, while deepening my knowledge in the fields of Physics that I am passionate about.


I am currently a M1 student in Physics and a member of Magistère de Physique Fondamentale (MdPF) at the University of Strasbourg. I am interested in Numerical methods in Many-Body Quantum Physics and Quantum Decoherence. I am looking forward to joining the Condensed Matter and Nanophysics master program next year.


I finished my undergraduate studies at Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad in Serbia. There, I developed interest in nuclear and medical physics. Currently, I am M1 student at the University of Strasbourg. Being a spart of QMat program enabled me to explore my scientific interests even more. I aim to continue my studies in M2 Physics of Radiation, Instrumentation, Detectors and Imaging program next year.

Florian MAURER

I’ve been studying in Strasbourg since my first year at University and I’m now a M1-student. I’m willing to discover and to dive into the world of quantum science and technology by taking part in the QMat program. I’m mainly interested in out-of-equilibrium process but I remain open to many different topics. Besides that, I play the trombone in different orchestras such as the « Orchestre Universitaire de Strasbourg ».