QMat Master students

Application is required even for M2 students who were M1 QMat students.

Applications open in February (for non-EU students) and May (for EU and local students) each year. They are the same requirements than for new students.

Living allowance support

QMat may exceptionally grant a living support stipend (c.f. 230 €/month) to QMat students in need who were not selected for a fellowship, but are affected by financial circumstances that will interfere with their study success. QMat students that do not currently receive a fellowship are eligible, independent of academic results, as long as they reasonably justify their exceptional circumstances. Applicants should send an email to qmat-students@unistra.fr to arrange a meeting with a QMat representative to discuss their current financial situation.

QMat extra courses

QMat students are asked to take additional course requirements through the equivalent of two additional optional courses. The idea is that you find courses related to QMat themes, but that complement your intended specialization. These can be additional Master courses or specially approved courses of the Ecole doctorale (ED182) or thematic schools. Inform qmat-students@unistra.fr before mid-October. The email should have a subject line: “QMat optional courses – grade – last name”

Extended internship research projects

QMat students enjoy an extended research internship in M2 of nominally 6 months covering the period from February – August. You should find a hosting laboratory before the end of the preceding year. Internship hosts can include any research groups in QMat affiliated institutes (IPCMS, ISIS, IPHC, and ICS) as well as special opportunities in external partner institutes and industry partners (see below).


QMat PhDs

New to your PhD?

To apply to the QMat programme as an existing PhD student enrolled in Strasbourg: Please submit an email to qmat-selection@unistra.fr,  at any time with the following details:

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Application is required even for PhD students who were M2 QMat students.

Annual report

For continuing QMat PhD students, we ask for a brief update of your progress each year, with the following information. Please submit an email to qmat-selection@unistra.fr, with the following details.

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Missions complémentaires

A “Mission complémentaire” is a grant to carry out different activities related to the QMat programme, equivalent to 64 hours each year

To apply for a “Mission complémentaire” (QMat top-up) should submit their request to qmat-selection@unistra.fr before October 31st. The email should have a subject line: “QMat top-up application – last name” and should include:

  • a CV;
  • a letter of motivation including a list of suggested activities;
  • a recommendation letter (optional).

Students who receive a Mission complémentaire will be assigned a task and are required to fill out regular “activity sheets” to monitor their time investment. Only students with a PhD contract are eligible.

All QMat students

All QMat students (M1, M2, and PhD) must have a mentor who is a professional researcher/teacher who will follow your career development. They can help you identify your skills and interests, define your professional project, broaden your scientific horizon and awareness beyond a single discipline. Mentors can also help you find resources for your projects and may help strike up new collaborations or research directions. You will meet your mentor as often as required, but typically several times per year. If you need help finding a mentor, you can search qmat.unistra.fr/researchers or the websites of the QMat affiliated institutes: IPCMS ; ISIS ; IPHC, and ICS.

French language classes

To register for French classes, please write to qmat-students@unistra.fr and the QMat project manager, before July each year.

Aproximate timeline