As a QMat student-researcher you will…

  • Access state-of-the-art research facilities, including cleanrooms, optical and electronic advanced microscopies, quantum physics laboratories and large facilities (synchrotron, LHC…).
  • Acquire an international mind-set, taking advantage of the international character of QMat and the unique European setting of the University of Strasbourg.
  • Build you own network of current and future academic and industry leaders through active involvement in and organization of the QMat Young Investigator Group.

Student perspectives

“QMAT makes me feel that, as a young student in the research world, i am not alone in this, but that I belong to community of pairs and professionals where the exchange is always constructive.” –Douja Darej (M2 student, QMat 2018 Cohort)

“For me, the most important in QMAT is to have the opportunity to work in thesis and to develop professional network.” –Antoine Hermann (M1 student, QMat 2018 Cohort)

“Through QMAt, I meet young researchers from many different fields, who offer interesting insights into their fields.” –David Wellnitz (PhD student, QMat)

Additionally, QMat offers…

  • Prestigious “Q-Master” scholarships for MSc students around 500€/month to cover living costs
  • Additional assistance for international students: e.g. housing, visa applications, French language courses
  • Largely state subsidized tuition fees for all students