Understanding Quantum Technologies – 06 December, 2021 (General interest)

Understanding quantum technologies is an event organized by La recherche – INSA Strasbourg in association with QMAT (The University Research School “Quantum Science and Nanomaterials”) and with the support of PASQAL, Région Grand Est and the Feynman Foundation whose objective is to bring together experts active in the field of quantum technology, especially in the Grand Est region.

Registration is free but obligatory: https://lnkd.in/enxup48r.

The first 50 registrants to the event will be the lucky winners of a printed copy of the book Understanding quantum technologies by Olivier Ezratty (volume 1).

The event will be opened by Pierre Grussenmeyer, Director of Research at INSA Strasbourg and by Neil Abroug, Coordinator of the Coordinator of the National Quantum Strategy.

Theme: How can the Grand Est Region become a new Quantum HUB?

– Shannon Whitlock – QMat
– Chayma Bouazza – Business developer at Pasqal – the first french startup on quantum simulation and quantum computing
– Jonathan J. Attia – Quantum standardization expert and the chair of the IEEE P3120™ Working Group for Standard for Quantum Computing Architecture
– Olivier Ezratty, author of the free eBook “Understanding quantum technologies”

– Eddie Smigiel – INSA Strasbourg
– Guillaume Chereveau – INSA Strasbourg
– Michel Kurek – Feynman Foundation
– Denis CAVALLUCCI – INSA Strasbourg

Machine Learning for Quantum X online popup conference, 5-9 July, 2021

Announcing the Machine Learning for Quantum X online popup conference, 5-9 July, 2021. Topics: ML for chemistry and materials, ML for quantum computers, ML and quantum for industry and quantum learning algorithms. Register now at http://mlqx.quantumexcellence.org

Organised in partnership between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Strasbourg with support from Eucor – The European Campus and Université franco-allemande Deutsch-Französische Hochschule UFA DFH

The Quantum Excellence Industry Event and Jobs Fair – 07-12 February 2021

The Quantum Excellence Industry Event and Jobs Fair is a online event which aims to connect students and the future quantum experts with the growing global quantum industry. The program will include presentations by field leaders and leading quantum and enabling technologies companies, including quantum computing (software and hardware), quantum sensing, quantum cryptography and quantum startups. Other highlights include an interactive entrepreneurship session and a job fair with virtual booths for one-on-one discussions between students and industry professionals.

Quantum Excellence Industry Event and Jobs Fair
07-12 February 2021.
Save the date!

Schedule: 2.5 hours/day, including talks and breakout sessions (20h30 – 23h00 EU / 14h30 – 17h00 CA (EST)  / 06h30 – 09h00 AU) via Zoom.

For more information visit quantumexcellence.org and join the Quantum Excellence community on LinkedIn. Registration is free.

This event is organised by the Quantum Excellence Network, a partnership between the Universities of Strasbourg (France), Hamburg (Germany), Université de Sherbrooke (Canada) and Macquarie University (Australia), with support from the the French Quantum Science and Nanomaterials Graduate School in Strasbourg, the Institute Quantique of the Université de Sherbrooke, and the Sydney Quantum Academy.

Symposium on quantum simulations and molecular energy transport 30/11 – 01/12/2020

QMat researchers have organised a (virtual) symposium on the topic of quantum simulations and molecular energy transport in collaboration with researchers at IISER Bhopal in India as part of a Franco-Indian collaboration (funded by the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research, CEFIPRA).

Dates: 30.11.2020 – 01.12.2020 (two days)
Topics: quantum simulators for molecular dynamics, energy transfer, open quantum systems, sensing and spectroscopy. Please see the flyer for more information.

Register before 28.11.2020: https://forms.gle/HiQxdMVhW6tHaeDo8

15 PhD positions in Quantum Science in a European Network (MSCA-ITN)

15 PhD positions (36 months) in Molecular Quantum Simulations (moqs.eu) within the framework of the EU funded Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action Project (Innovative Training Network ITN) In this exciting project, chemistry, solid state- and quantum optical physics, materials sciences as well as classical and quantum computer science are brought together to develop new and powerful technologies, with applications ranging from chemistry to the the pharmaceutical industry. Both academic and industry projects are available. The positions are in high-level research institutions all over Europe (France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Germany).
We offer:
• Access to world class research infrastructure
• Individually tailored training programme
• secondments at leading institutions and companies within the consortium
• Expertise spanning 8 academic and 5 industrial partners
• An individualized career development programme
• Attractive employment conditions including a competitive salary (details on the website moqs.eu)
• Candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activities (work, studies, etc.) in the country of their future host organisation for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the recruitment.
• Candidates cannot yet hold a PhD in any field and should have less than four years of research experience.
• The positions are open from Nov. 1st 2020 to Dec. 1st 2020. Expected starting dates from March 1st 2021 to Oct. 2021 or upon agreement.

QMat Café : An online talk series

Hello everyone, 
We would like to invite you to the < QMat Cafe | Academic & Industry > Online talk series ! This talk series addresses different fields that interest QMat community. For instance Particle, Mesoscopic and Atomic physics plus quantum information.
This week will be on Thursday 28th May 2020 at 15h00 (CEST).  The speaker is :  
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wallraff – Quantum Device Lab (QuDev) | ETH Zürich
Topic:  “Building an error-corrected superconducting quantum processor.”
To attend the talk, please follow one of the following links:
ID: 810 0202 6231
Psswrd: 168409
Each week we will post the the links to attend these talks of different topics that you might be interested in!
We hope to see you all there! Stay tuned!
QMat team

Interview: Adrien Andoche and Vincent Hardel

Adrien Andoche and Vincent Hardel are QMat master students who profited from support from QMat to participate with other students in the French Physicist Tournament 2020 in Paris.

“We, Adrien ANDOCHE and HARDEL Vincent, are QMat M1 students at Strasbourg University.

We have participated to the French Physicist Tournament (FPT), the 7th and 8th of February 2020. The goal was to look at several everyday life physical phenomena during all the first semester, and a part of the second one.

We built all the experimental setup, thanks to QMat funding. There were eleven different topics starting from the understanding of a whirlpool in bottles to electrical and optical properties of pickles, when they are submitted to a high voltage.

The tournament took place at Jussieu University, in Paris. We shared our results with 12 other universities, and researchers for two days. It has been an opportunity to exchange with other groups as scientists and to have another view of the subjects that we have treated.

Finally, we highly encourage those who have the opportunity to participate in FPT, even if it needs strong investment.”