Benefits of being a QMat student

  • Introductory French classes, typically two weeks at the end of August each year;
  • Enhanced networking opportunities through being part of the QMat Young Investigator group (YIG)
  • QMaster scholarships for outstanding master students, of approximately 570 €/month over 10 months for the academic year
  • Additional living allowance support of 230 €/month for financially disadvantaged students
  • Assistance to organise lecture series and workshops on special topics (inviting speakers, lecture rooms, organisational help)
  • Travel grants for participating in conferences and workshops. Each QMat student is eligible for support to attend 1 EU conference per year (or equivalent), up to a maximum of 1500€
  • Travel and living support for internships and secondments abroad, in particular with any of the QMat partner universities and industrial partners
  • “Missions complémentaires” (PhD top-up grants of ~ 300€/month, to carry out different activities related to the QMat programme, equivalent to 64 hours each year). Applications in June (selection in July) each year.
  • QMat mentoring program: a personal coach for free!
  • Other projects with QMat coordinators agreement.

Young investigator group

All QMat students are part of and should participate in the activities of the Young Investigators Group (YIG). The YIG provides an enhanced networking platform to:

  • Have a voice in the planned activities
  • Help promote QMat
  • Build a bridge to other graduate schools
  • Create student initiatives: e.g., Annual workshop
  • Organise Laboratory visits
  • Organise social events

Contact the QMat student representatives to make sure you are on the YIG mailing list and informed about YIG activities.

Organisation chart

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Key contact information

Project manager: Alena Gradt

Coordinators: Bernard Doudin, Paul-Antoine Hérvieux, Shannon Whitlock

Student support: Isabelle Ripp-Baudot, Stéphane Berciaud, Stefan Haacke

Training: Sandrine Courtin, Pascal Hebraud, Bernard Doudin

Industry partnerships: Silviu Colis, Hicham Majjad, Sylvie Begin, Shannon Whitlock

International partnerships: Cyriaque Genet, Guido Pupillo, Stefan Haacke

Outreach: Guillaume Weick, Giovanni Manfredi, Shannon Whitlock

Young Investigator Group:David Wellnitz, Denis Janković

Heads of the respective Master programme(s):

Heads of the “Ecoles Doctorales”: