Interview: Adrien Andoche and Vincent Hardel

Adrien Andoche and Vincent Hardel are QMat master students who profited from support from QMat to participate with other students in the French Physicist Tournament 2020 in Paris.

“We, Adrien ANDOCHE and HARDEL Vincent, are QMat M1 students at Strasbourg University.

We have participated to the French Physicist Tournament (FPT), the 7th and 8th of February 2020. The goal was to look at several everyday life physical phenomena during all the first semester, and a part of the second one.

We built all the experimental setup, thanks to QMat funding. There were eleven different topics starting from the understanding of a whirlpool in bottles to electrical and optical properties of pickles, when they are submitted to a high voltage.

The tournament took place at Jussieu University, in Paris. We shared our results with 12 other universities, and researchers for two days. It has been an opportunity to exchange with other groups as scientists and to have another view of the subjects that we have treated.

Finally, we highly encourage those who have the opportunity to participate in FPT, even if it needs strong investment.”