Interview: David Wellnitz

David Wellnitz is a QMat PhD student who profited from support from QMat to participate in an international conference in Chile.

“I am David Wellnitz and I am a PhD student in the quantum matter theory group of Prof. Pupillo, where I investigate how quantum optics can be connected to molecular systems. This winter — thanks to the support of QMat — I was able to present the results of my first year on an international conference in Chile from the 17th to the 20th of December. This conference was aimed at connecting researchers from different fields summarized as molecular quantum technologies, and offer them a platform to exchange idea and plan new projects.
Presenting my project in a talk on that conference not only gave me valuable feedback on the project, but also allowed me to discuss with experimentalists who are interested in applying my theory to their experiment. Furthermore, exchanging ideas with scientists from other fields than my own helped me to gain a broader background knowledge
and better understanding of related topics. This also gave me some ideas for future research projects and how I can connect my own work to other fields. All in all, this conference was very useful for me on the scientific level and I am grateful that QMat provided me with the opportunity to participate and present my work.”