Open projects for doctoral students within QMat

We are seeking motivated students for the following projects (in conjunction with the Doctoral College of Physics and Chemistry-Physics ED182 and the LabEx NIE – Nanostructures in interaction with their environment). Interested candidates are invited to contact the thesis director whose details appear next to the project title. This list will be periodically updated with new projects as they become available. If you are interested in one of the topics please contact the associated supervisor directly.

More projects may be found on the webpage of the ED182

Open projects at QMat laboratories and partners

14 PhD positions in quantum science and technology at the European Campus

Application details:

Open projects:

T.1A. Multi-qubit gates for the efficient exploration of Hilbert space with superconducting qubit systems, IBM
T.1B. Charge noise and coherence of hole spins in group-IV QD devices, IBM
T.1F. Understanding and engineering microscopic sources of noise in solid-state quantum devices, IBM
T.1G. Quantum-coherent microwave-optical conversion, IBM
T.1H. Gate-based sensing of spin qubits, IBM
T.2A. Casimir Forces in Superconducting Systems, UNIBAS
T.2E. Wave packet interference experiments for the investigation of ultrafast dynamics and decoherence effects on the attosecond time scale, ALU
T.3E. Quantum critical Kondo lattices of molecular spins probed by scanning tunnelling microscopy, KIT
T.3I. Experimental studies of molecular qubits and implementation of optical read-out schemes based on single- and entangled photon sources, KIT
T.4C. Theory and simulation of nonequilibrium dynamics in many-body quantum systems, ALU
T.5B. Solid-state spins in an optical cavity, UNIBAS
T.5C. Development of quantum technologies for molecular systems: quantum sensing of molecular and chemical properties, UNIBAS