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Applications for Master studies and QMat fellowships (first or second year, M1/M2) are open now. Application deadline: March 20, 2019. If you wish to have pre-notification of eligibility before applying via Campus France procedure, the deadline is March 10 ,2019.


  • Bachelor of Science in Physics or equivalent
  • Proof of English and/or French proficiency
  • Motivation to pursue a Masters and/or PhD in Strasbourg

Step 1. QMat application form (including fellowship applications)

Deadline March 20, 2019

Additionally, international (non-EU) students from one of the 42 countries are concerned by the Studying in France procedure, must apply via the Campus France portal

Step 2a. Campus France (Countries concerned by the Studying in France procedure)

Deadline March 20, 2019

For first year Master (M1): Undifferentiated Master (Research and Professional) -> Science, Technology, Health -> Master of Physics -> Master of Physics (First Common Year)’
For second year Master (M2): you must choose a specialization from: Astrophysics; Condensed Matter & nanophysics; Physics of radiation, detectors, instrumentation and imaging; subatomic physics and astroparticles; Materials and nanoscience.

All other applicants (including French and EU students) must apply via the eCandidat platform

Step 2b. eCandidat (Countries not concerned by the Studying in France procedure)

after acceptance to the QMat programme;

eCandidat application period 03/04/2019 – 06/06/2019

Applicants for PhD positions are invited to contact potential supervisors at any time. See the list of open projects